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The Jinenkan training method follows these principles:


- To create maximal effect, using minimal force.


- To prepare the muscle memory through tough and repetitive training, so that one may act from a natural state in before any threat.


- Our primary goal is to stop all conflicts without any physical contact. If not possible, we aim never to do more damage/use more force than necessary.



To achieve these priciples, we follow another principle, called SHU-HA-RI.


SHU means "to preserve".


One learns the technique and captures it in the muscle memory. This level is about preserving the technique in the body and being loyal to the way, one has learned it.

One must also learn and understand the essence (mind) of the technique.


HA means "to change".


On this level, one must go deeper into the essence of the kata, and learn to change and alter the structure without breaking this essence.

The forms become more a part of the personality on this level.


RI means "to leave".


This is a level reached by few. Only those who seek completly to mould the techniques with body and mind, will be able to execute the techniques in a natural flow and will, without breaking the essence, develope a personal touch to the forms.

The technique is the personality.


On this level one must understand and work to obtain "mushin". Mushin is a natural state of mind free from thoughts or intentions.

If the practioner has followed the priciples of SHU-HA-RI, and has trained the techniques in the correct way, he/she should be able to react naturally and effectively against any threat or attack, never inflicting more damage than is necessary to (and fair in regards to the situation) stop the conflict.


This is "Shizen-gyo-un-ryû-sui"


"Harmonious natural movement which is always adapted to the situation".



Japanese Buddha, Sensoji Temple, Asakusa, Tōkyō.

Bamboo is flexible and strong, as should be the body and mind of a Samurai.

自然舘 寛龍 道場


Jinenkan Kan Ryū Dōjō


- Real Samurai fighting arts